No more fundamental conflict exists than when the government takes an individual's property rights.  The taking of individual rights by the King without paying for them was a primary cause of the American Revolution.  Today, both the United States and most states have constitutional provisions requiring government to pay "just compensation" or "fair market value" when it takes an individual's property.

Condemnation becomes complex when commercial or business property is involved, or where the government takes only a part of the property leaving the remainder.  Condemnation can affect easements, riparian rights, oil, gas, and mineral rights, and a host of other attributes of land ownership.

At Rollings, Shaw & Associates, P.C. we understand condemnation.  We have been handling condemnation cases since the mid 1960's.  Litigating the rights of property owners, all the way to a jury trial if necessary, has been an area in which we have had a particular interest and significant experience.
Obtaining damages for a client whose property is being all or partially taken by public authorities is a primary focus of our practice.  Partial taking, not only takes property rights away, but affects the remaining property in many adverse ways.  Demonstrating the damages resulting from condemnation is a complex, specific area.  Assembling and presenting evidence of damages for our clients has been a hallmark of our practice for more than 36 years.

Just ask us.  We will show you our condemnation record and the best results we have obtained for clients who have stood their ground in the face of governmental appropriation of their property.  While every case turns on its own facts and past results are no guarantee of future awards, there is clear evidence that the landowner who stands up for his or her rights against the condemning government authority stands an excellent chance of obtaining just compensation.

Many of our clients come to us after being visited by government right-of-way negotiators or acquisition agents.  Many of them bring brochures and other literature touting government "fairness" and "sensitivity" to the landowner's plight in taking.  The facts are often otherwise.  The taking of a person's property, whether his home, farm, ranch, or business, is a traumatic event for which the landowner is frequently not compensated unless he stands up for his rights.  Government frequently does not offer "fair market value" and frequently proceeds on appraisals that are in-house, speculative or done with little or no credentials.  Seldom do government right-of-way negotiators or acquisition agents offer "just compensation" or "fair market value" unless forced to do so.

Dealing with government authorities taking individual property right is what we do.  We are ready to take on any government who condemns a persons property to take it from them.  Obtaining "just compensation" and "fair market value" for our clients has been a satisfying and personally rewarding part of our practice for more than 36 years.  Please call us at 1-800-946-4006, (636) 946-0500 or check the condemnation box on the "more information page" for additional written information.

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