Ultimately, we all have to ponder the question: "What will I do with my business?"  If passing it to the next generation is not a realistic possibility, then a sale or merger becomes something you might want to consider.  But to whom can you talk?  You certainly cannot talk to your staff or your competitor.  And the person seeking to acquire your business has his interests at heart, not yours.  More importantly, who really knows the ins and outs of putting together one of these transactions together?

Rollings, Shaw & Associates, P.C. has been assisting business owners with expanding or selling their businesses for almost 40 years.  Our experience and credentials are your assurance of results.  Our staff consists of attorneys, paralegals, and financial planners who will all be working for you to assure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

There are hard questions that must be asked and resolved when you consider a merger or acquisition. Many of them are financial, and many are subjective, but there are few we have not encountered. There is no substitute for experience. Rollings, Shaw & Associates has the answers because we have the longest-running experience. We can also help you ask the questions you should be asking.

Our services start with the planning of a transaction.  The development of a strategy that fits your goals is as important as to whom you sell and what you get.  We will spend time with you to make sure we understand your goals and objectives.  We will then develop a plan that helps you achieve them.  Finding a buyer for your business is usually easy; finding the right buyer is the key.  The buyer should be a stepping stone to the fulfillment of your plan.

We will then conduct the negotiations, prepare the required documents, supervise the due diligence investigation, and manage the closing and the post-closing follow-up. Because there is always the potential of an audit, or other post-closing issues cropping up, we will stay with you for a year after the transaction is closed.  Post-closing consultation for one year is included in our fee.  For more information on our fees, see the More Information page; or better yet, call us.  We are happy to discuss our fees in detail over the phone.  Rollings, Shaw & Associates brings to the table Integrity, Experience and Results.  We know small business owners, and are able obtain your objectives.

Rollings, Shaw & Associates has built its business on the satisfaction of our clients.  We learned long ago that business owners considering the sale of their businesses do so for a reason. Understanding that reason and helping our clients meet their goals is what we do.  Obtaining your objectives is important to us. Ask us whom we have served. At your request, we will send you a list of clients we have assisted and you can contact them directly.

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