At Rollings, Shaw & Associates, P.C., we take your estate plan personally.  Our seminars are designed to enlighten and educate because we believe an educated client makes better decisions.  Our explanations and diagrams coupled with will and trust synopses are legendary and our presentations have been greeted by small client groups, as well as large organizations with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Most important, our advice and counsel to individuals on how to handle and manage their estate to reduce or avoid taxes and achieve family goals is our principle goal.  We believe the use of sophisticated planning devices can only be successful for our clients when they are coupled with solid knowledge and experience.

Depriving the government of estate taxes, avoiding probate, transitioning businesses to the next generation and achieving estate and succession plans according to our clients' objectives has been a vital part of our practice for almost 40 years.  Basic estate planning utilizing living trusts, pour-over wills, durable powers of attorney and health care directives is a regular part of what we do.

Advanced Estate Planning for individuals who have higher net worth constitutes a sizeable portion of our practice.  For years we have used irrevocable insurance trusts (ILITs), charitable remainder trusts (CRTs), qualified personal residence trusts (QPRTs), family limited partnerships (FLPs), and intentionally defective grantor trusts (IDGTs) to meet our clients' goals and reduce taxes.

Many of our clients have small businesses they would like to pass to the next generation.  Development of a succession plan, and tax reduction or elimination, facilitating the business transition are a main focus of our practice.  We regularly show clients how to pass (or retain) control, protect against creditors or divorcing spouses, distribute equitably between participating and nonparticipating children and target those children or heirs who have specific needs.
At Rollings, Shaw & Associates, P.C., we believe that good planning yields good results in the development of a successful estate plan, whether for a small estate or one of several million dollars.  Depriving the government of your estate, while achieving the goals of your family, is a worthy and noble pursuit -- a pursuit at which we have been successful for more than 35 years.

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